Legal Development of Business in Russia

Drafting a business plan is customary for business planning at the moment. However, one does not always pay due regard to the legal aspect. Frequently, businessmen use a standard set of legal instruments making nothing of the development prospects of their enterprise. The project would turn to be very successful in the future and would require an excessive protection of assets, or the project has outgrown the planned scope and requires quality changes in the legal forms used, or at one point the tax load is excessive and hinders the further development of the business. In many cases the situation is escalated by the fact that the business has been based on the principle of "like everyone does". In other words, agreements have been concluded with unfair taxpayers whose activity one has suddenly to be responsible for.

These situations shall be settled by experienced experts who could advise on possible alternative, legal and safe ways for business conduct while preserving financial results as much as practical. At the same time the earlier experts are involved - the better, because any activities related to the business reorganization must be economically justified. Therefore, we recommend you to employ consulting services as early as at the business planning stage. However, if the need of our services arises at the later stages, we are ready to render services on legal development of business.

The subject of our advice will be:

- possible target plan of ownership (what kind of companies should participate in business processes; their founders; assets allocation);

- possible target interaction plan (the ways of the companies' interaction, payable taxes);

- possible scope of economically justified reorganization measures, elaborated in cooperation with companies' CFO organizations;

- list of contracts and other documents, formalizing cooperation between companies.

Our consultation on legal development of business will create a solid legal cover for your business. As a result, conducting your business may become secure (free from unfair taxpayers), your assets may be securely protected, taxation may become optimal.
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